The Forgotten Claude Barnes Capehart

November 27, 1994 ~ The Press Democrat

I stumbled across the story of Claude Barnes Capehart last week while reading, and have to admit, his connection to Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, was a little hard to ignore. And to be honest, I could not initially recall Judge Minier, but, I did recall Mae Brussell talking about the Chowchilla kidnappings in one or more of her episodes, so I stayed on the hunt for information on Mr. Capehart for the remainder of the evening, tracking down the name and history of his girlfriend who would have been the informant mentioned in The Press Democrat article on November 27, 1994.

In the process of gathering some background information on Claude, I messaged my good friend Leonard Osanic at Black Op Radio with the article on Capehart, and wouldn’t you now it, he was about to interview Mr. William Weston, researcher and author, who had also come across the history of Claude Barnes Capehart. As Len pointed out, there is significant synchronicity at work in the JFK researching community.

I had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Weston’s interview on Black Op Radio that airs tonight, and Len asked for some additional information on Mr. Capehart, so I decided to dig up that photo that was published in the newspapers, when the HSCA was on the hunt for the identity of three individuals they wanted to question in regards to JFK’s assassination and their whereabouts on November 22, 1963. I had already come across a very cropped image of Mr. Capehart via one of his family members, so I was curious if I’d be able to recognize him from the images posted in the newspapers. And sure enough, it was easy as pie to pick him out of the lineup.

July 31, 1978 ~ Arizona Republic
Claude Barnes Capehart, is located on the right.

I did a little search for Claude , and here’s a little of what I discovered. Claude Barnes Capehart was born October 15, 1924 in Castle Twp., Okfuskee Co., Oklahoma to parents Henry Hayes Capehart and Laura Jefferson Yarbrough. Claude was one of 13 children, some of whom are also highly interesting.

Claude Barns Capehart – WWII Enlistment Registration Card

Claude Barns Capehart – WWII Enlistment Registration Card
WWII Army Enlistment Records
Claude Barnes Capehart & Roberta Mary Battey were married June 26, 1951 in Riverside, California. Mary was the daughter of Calvin Battey and Mary Marguerite Truit. Claude and his wife had two children.
1956 – Bakersfield, California US Directory
Capehart, Claude B (Roberta M) driller, Cassey & Montgomery, h3127 Edwards Ave.
1962 – Bakersfield, California US Directory
Capehart, Claude B (Roberta M) driller, Reynolds Electric, h3127 Edwards Ave.
Claude died in Pahrump, Nevada on January 3, 1989, Roberta died December 2, 1992 in Las Vegas. They are both buried in North Kern Cemetery, Kern Co., California.
Claude Barnes Capehart

I more “recent” photo of Claude before he passed. I did reach out to family members to see if they would be willing to talk about Mr. Capehart or provide photos. Let’s see if anyone responds. And, tune into William Weston’s fabulous interview on Canada’s Black Op Radio.

I wasn’t quite ready to post all of my findings on Mr. Capehart. If you can stay tuned, I will update this page.

At Black Op Radio in British Columbia, Canada with Leonard Osanic.

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